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Arigo Investments Africa (Pty) Ltd

17 Muswell Road South, Block A, Wedgefield Office Park

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Republic of South Africa

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OUR VISION: to become the leading source of investment capital and advisory to Africa's young and promising entrepreneurs

OUR GOAL: to achieve sustainable growth, profitability and equitable wealth-creation for our stakeholders


27-29  OCTOBER 2020

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Arigo Equity Partners will soon be offering funding without exit timing pressures. Currently in the process of inception, Arigo aims to establish the largest private equity firm supporting African entrepreneurs. Arigo is currently on the market for experienced private equity transactors and dealmakers to build a super-team of next generation investors.


Arigo means “source”. We want to be known as a source of inspiration, quality advisory and funding support to back-up promising entrepreneurs and businesses.

Atop our own ideal of being “The Source”, Arigo has adopted and embraced models and philosophies of other successful past and current equity partners. We invest in businesses led by people that we believe in. We believe in supporting talented people who demonstrate advanced sector expertise, pioneering thinking and a value-set that aligns with our own.


Values of honesty, integrity and humility underpin every interaction in our organisation.

Value Proposition

AEP will offer equity and debt funding packages for medium to large leveraged buy-outs, management buy-outs and buy-ins, empowerment transactions, public and private transactions. AEP's primary focus will be working with management teams of established businesses with a value of between US$10 million and US$100 million across the African Sub-Sahara geography.

Arigo Equity Partners will adhere to the ideal of creating long-term value for clients and their businesses, building winning partnerships and striving to offer the right combination of expertise for growth, liquidity and shareholder returns. It is our firm belief that private equity has an important role in driving Africa's economic growth by generating returns for investors and building better, more sustainable businesses through real value that goes beyond equity.

Creating Sustainable Value, Together

As we play our cog-in-wheel role of creating sustainable value for our investors, partners and clients, we aim to be a notable platform of hope for future generations.

Through partnerships with people who share our values, those that inspire us to pioneer new territories and with whom we share the rewards of our victories and the lessons from our failures; we aim to create ongoing value for our stakeholders.

Arigo's vision is to augment the lives of all its current and future stakeholders through this ongoing creation of sustainable value. Our mission is to ensure the development of a platform for future generations to fulfil their altruistic and venture ambitions.

Sustainable Investing

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ideals are core to our value-system and differentiated offering. We not only observe, but practice ESG principles when engaging potential investments. Our very founding is based on ESG practices; an area we intend to lead others in the industry.

Arigo aligns with the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI); an investor initiative in partnership with UNEP FI and the UN Global Compact. Founded in 2006 and supported by the United Nations, the PRI has become the leading network for investors demonstrating their commitment to responsible ownership and long-term, sustainable returns for all stakeholders.

A promise of hope for Africa’s Youth

Sustainable partnerships that work

Planting foundations for a bright future